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in which our hero can embed tweets now

Hello friends!

Just a quick Saturday afternoon note from your friendly neighborhood amateur historian: as you’ve probably noticed from the better readability of this email, Dirtbags Through the Ages has moved from TinyLetter to Substack.

Long story short, the migration shouldn’t change anything on your end, and you don’t need to do anything. You’ll keep receiving DTTA on a roughly biweekly basis, just from a different address.

The migration also opens up fun possibilities for comments and conversations with you all, as well as bonus content, about which more to come soon hopefully.

If you’re looking for the Dirtbag Archive, you can find that here.

And if your friends, family members, or particularly nerdy coworkers would like to subscribe too, they can do so at rapscallison.substack.com.

Also you might want to whitelist this email or check your spam folders on the first couple ones, just to be sure. (You’re all internet people. You know how this works.)

Anyway, that’s all for now, really.

Except if you joined me earlier in the week for Wisconsin Antipope Schismatic Adventures, you might be interested to know that “schism” was trending on Twitter yesterday, because as I said, bishops love schisms.

OK, that’s all from me, buds. Watch this space for the next issue, which I can already tell will be so much easier for me to write from a UX standpoint, dear lord.

In dirtbaggery,